HEIMAN – Zigbee 3.0 Smart combustible gas sensor

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HEIMAN – Zigbee 3.0 Smart combustible gas sensor

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HEIMAN – Zigbee 3.0 Smart combustible gas sensor

Hidden troubles in daily life
Unaware of the high speed aging of the gas tank in exceptional circumstances.
It is easy caused combustible gas leakage, if forget to shut off gas stove, or pipeline aging.
Combustible gas leakage caused by other electronic appliance using combustible gas (such as combustible gas water heater).

Remote alarm to let you know in time
It can not only arm and disarm the system through button in remote controller, but can also operate through APP on smartphone, PAD. Convenient, simple and smart makes a safe and happy life.

Control the exhaust fan to expel natural gas
When the gas alarm detect gas leakage, by controlling other devices, for example, the exhaust fan, to expel the natural gas before danger occurs.

High decibel alarm
It has a buzzer and LED indicator light, when gas alarm detect gas leakage, it emits an 80-decibel alarm and a red flash to wake you up.

Standard Zigbee protocol.
Be alerted in real time in the event of a gas leak.
Create automations based on a gas leak.
Super low power consumption design.
Anti interference from smoke and oil stain.
Can be regarded as wireless repeater to extend wireless distance.
Elaborate auto calibration, make a strong consistency.
Adopts flame retardant engineering housing material.
Free tool installment, AC powered, plug in and use.

Power: AC 100-240V – 100mA – 50/60Hz
Technology: Zigbee 3.0
Detecting Gas: Natural Gas
Alarm sensitivity: 6% LEL (+-3% LEL)
Size:79* 68* 31mm
Sensitivity: 3000± 1000ppm
CE, ROHS FCC approval



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