ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1-N4, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee/Thread), Bluetooth 5 (LE), 4MB Flash

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ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1-N4, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee/Thread), Bluetooth 5 (LE), 4MB Flash

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ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1-N4, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee/Thread), Bluetooth 5 (LE), 4MB Flash

ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1 is an entry-level development board based on Bluetooth® Low Energy and IEEE 802.15.4 combo modules ESP32-H2-MINI-1. Most of the I/O pins on the ESP32-H2-MINI-1 module are broken out to the pin headers on both sides of this board for easy interfacing. Developers can either connect peripherals with jumper wires or mount ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1 on a breadboard.

ESP32-H2-MINI-1, with ESP32-H2 inside which integrates a 2.4 GHz transceiver compliant with Bluetooth ® Low Energy and IEEE 802.15.4-based technologies, supporting Bluetooth 5 (LE), Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Matter, and Zigbee. This module is specially designed for all kinds of low-power IoT applications.

Pin Headers: All available GPIO pins (except for the SPI bus for flash) are broken out to the pin headers on the board. For details, please see Header Block.
3.3 V Power On LED: Turns on when the USB power is connected to the board.
5 V to 3.3 V LDO: Power regulator that converts a 5 V supply into a 3.3 V output.
USB-to-UART Bridge: Single USB-UART bridge chip provides transfer rates up to 3 Mbps.
ESP32-H2 USB Type-C Port: The USB Type-C port on the ESP32-H2 chip compliant with USB 2.0 full speed. It is capable of up to 12 Mbps transfer speed (Note that this port does not support the faster 480 Mbps high-speed transfer mode).
Boot Button: Download button. Holding down Boot and then pressing Reset initiates Firmware Download mode for downloading firmware through the serial port.
Reset Button: Press this button to restart the system.
USB Type-C to UART Port: Power supply for the board as well as the communication interface between a computer and the ESP32-H2 chip via USB-to-UART bridge.
RGB LED: Addressable RGB LED, driven by GPIO8.
J5: Used for current measurement.

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